Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Texas Monthly's Top 50 Mexican Restaurants

Texas Monthly posted its top 50 Mexican Restaurants list recently:

As you can tell by the comments, Mexican food in Texas is a hotly debated topic. What's better: Yellow cheese? Cotija? Who has homemade flour or corn torillas? Should tex-mex be included on a list of Mexican restaurants? So many questions! I do know I'm jealous of the people who got to taste test and had the hard work of narrowing down the list to 50.

I haven't eaten at all of these places. I can vouch for Curra's in Austin - my favorite mexican breakfast spot - but I can't for Fonda San Miguel as a I got a mad case of food poisoning from there. However, my biggest complaint: Where the heck is La Mexicana from Pharr, Texas??


It's a travesty that La Mexicana is not included.


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