Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Comida Blog Travels: Taking Las Vegas Suggestions

We here are Comidablog like to travel when we can. Many of our trips are centered around restaurant prospects and not silly things like national landmarks (just kidding...kind of...ok we try and integrate them both into our trips).

Jimbo is taking his lovely wife to Las Vegas to celebrate many things and gamble away the fortune he's made from his blogging. So far, they've planned to go to Jaleo (for dinner one night) and 'wichcraft (for lunch).

I want to go to where?
Where else should they eat? What's the best meal you've had in Las Vegas?


  1. Wolfgang Puck's Bar and Gill was delicious. I think Patty suggested it to me when I went.


  2. All I really know about Vegas dining is the huge buffets! I would like to know about those places he will visit.

  3. I'm working on it Ivan! Thanks for reading.