Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carnivorous Adventures in Chicago

I haven't done a steak post yet, so I figured I would since I've had three fantastical steak meals within six months. The first was over New Year's Eve. The bf and I have an annual tradition where we eat at a different steakhouse for New Year's every year. It's really one of my favorite things that we do and I recommend it highly instead of blowing money at one of those NYE packages that come with watered down drinks. To ring in 2011 we ate at Pete Miller's. Sadly (and as usual) I forgot to take pictures and the one I did take was underwhelming, but at least serves to document the impressive size of the bf's rib-eye:

That's the size of my radius or ulna!

For the bf's birthday in May, we went to Gibson's Steakhouse. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this meal to its fullest because I imbibed far too much the night before. Sadness and le sigh. The bf's steak, though, was amazing. He chose W.R.'s Chicago Cut:

It was 100% meaty goodness, juicy and tender and just the right amount of fat to make it buttery melt-a-licious. Me, I had a tiny little filet. Again, sadness.

For dessert, Gibson's is RIDDIKULUS. They bring out cakes and pies the size of one's head. I saw everyone taking their dessert home, which begs the question? Why the waste? To be honest, the desserts aren't very good. I'm not really into "Excess as Dessert," but maybe it's your cup o' tea. We ordered the banana creme pie and it was of course too big for us to finish.

Last night we had some friends and town and re-visited our steakhouse choice when we rang in 2010: the Chicago Firehouse. This place does not disappoint. They have the best crab cakes I've had at a steakhouse...crispy crust but soft, fresh tasting crab. I had a filet flight - I love not having to make up my mind and appreciate when restaurants offer things like this. I got to taste the parmesan crust, horseradish crust and bleu cheese crust. My clear favorite was the bleu cheese. The bf tried the Kansas City cut - less fat than a rib-eye but touted as equally flavorful. He chowed it down so I'm sure it lived up to the expectations. He didn't share, so I can' t confirm. Our friends ordered a bone-in filet (so tender that the only complaint was it wasn't enough) and the Filet Oscar with a crabmeat crust (why is this called Oscar?). Pictures below!

Finally, I tried a Moscow Mule! I found it refreshing and delicious and would love to make it my new cocktail that I order at a bar, but I doubt your average bar has ginger beer on stock.


  1. i love drinks with ginger beer! I have some in my fridge right now. and HOORAY steak!

  2. Questions: The first ribeye, was that tomahawk style? I've avoided ordering that in the past because I was afraid of knocking over everything on the table with the bone. What makes these cuts "Chicago" or "Kansas City"? Is the bottom left the filet Oscar style?