Friday, May 27, 2011

Taco Fail

Today I had some errands to run at lunch so needed to pick up something quick to eat. I had seen commercials about the return of Taco Cabana's Brisket tacos so I decided to pick up a combo. The tacos looked delicious in commercials and I've always thought its a genius idea to put brisket inside of a taco (especially inside the delicious flour tortillas that Taco Cabana serves).

I was expecting something that looks like this:
To my dismay (because I really do consider Taco Cabana a decent fast food place) I got this:

The taste was ok- not even close to what bar-b-que should taste like, but edible. I was really disappointed. The next time I want brisket tacos I'll visit Bill Miller's.


  1. I really liked these the last time they had them. Of course it's not real brisket, but the flavor was good, and a little onion and cilantro from the salsa bar really sets them off. Looks like they were stingy with the meat though.

  2. oh yeah..."hickory smoked" my ass.

  3. I miss Taco Cabana. You guys are so lucky.

  4. The reason it doesnt taste like bar b que is because mexican brisket is prepared diffrent, taco cabana is disgusting... try going to a taco palanque. YUMMY