Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Sonic - Your New Commercials are Terrible

Dear Sonic:
What is going on with your commercials?  As if the car hops on skates weren't boring enough, you are now using these unfunny, lame, and just-plain dumb commercials.  I guess you are trying to go for a crazy, funny, kooky vibe on them, but it just doesn't work.  The characters are not funny and are unlikable.  I especially feel contempt for the guy in the car with the cardboard robot (a total rip-off of AWESOM-O).

I found an article saying you recently changed ad agencies after 17 years, and this is what they came up with (so this is what happened to your commercials).

You really thought those commercials were a good idea?
The people who came up with the "Pete and TJ" commercials deserve a Nobel Prize for that idea compared to what's on right now.  Long live Pete and TJ!

What do you think about the new Sonic commercials?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Limited Time Menu Items

Today at my local HEB I found Creamy Creations Wedding Cake ice cream  -a limited edition sweet cream ice cream with strawberry and pieces of white cake swirled in. It is delicious. It got me thinking about "limited time menu items" and "special edition flavors" that get cycled around. For example, Blue Bell Ice Cream has rotating items, Whataburger cycles out it's Patty Melt and other items (like the lemon pie), and McDonald's always brings back the McRib! What is everyone's favorite seasonal/limited time item? Is there something you look forward to each year? HEB's Wedding Cake ice cream will be added to my list of things to look forward to next summer.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ice Cream Idea

Why don't ice cream trucks visit apartment complexes? I guess they would rather market to families with children (families with children live in apartment complexes too you know). I just think they are missing out on a giant market - singles who want ice cream delivered to them (i.e. me).

What is the stereotypical food people (ok, women) are said to eat after a break up? Ice cream.
What is a great snack but a lot of people don't want to keep in their freezer for fear they'll eat the entire tub? Ice cream.
What is delicious? Ice cream.

See! It is a genius idea. If someone makes this happen I will buy a bomb pop for you.