Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Hour - Mandola's

I am a huge fan of happy hour - not only because I enjoy spending time with my friends when alcohol is on sale - but because food is usually on sale too. There are so many great happy hour specials around Austin I decided I need partake in happy hour more often. Today, like many other Americans I was off for Memorial Day. I got hungry around 5 and texted some friends to see if anyone was out and wanted to meet up for lunch. Everyone was either on the other side of town or lounging on their couch. I remembered thinking I had seen that Mandola's had some good specials from 3-6pm Monday-Friday and decided to venture out alone and check it out.
The specials for their happy hour are:
Margherita Pizza (serves 1-2 and shown in the above picture): $6.00
Pugliese Pizza - $6.00
Meat and Cheese Tray - $5.00
Bruschetta Checca - $3.50
Fried Mozzarella - $3.50
Zucchini Frites -$3.00
Garlic Fries -$2.00 [not sure why these aren't also frites]
Garlic Bread - $2.50

Beer (tap and bottle) is $2.00 off, frozen drinks are $3.50, and glasses, quartinos and carafes of wine are all half off.

They provide focaccia bread and olive oil to each table. I got a glass of wine (it was a Jules Cobb style pour - but it was a small glass) and the above pizza for ten bucks and change. I was so stuffed from the bread that I had more than enough pizza left for at least another meal. This place is much more low-key than a lot of the loud hot spots for happy hour - you know, the ones you can't find parking at - and is highly recommended if you want to catch up with friends by actually having a conversation.

Now mind you this was just a review of their great happy hour specials - I guess I'll have to go back and enjoy dinner from their full menu at a later time.

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