Saturday, October 16, 2010

TV Food Pairings: 30 Rock

In honor of 30 Rock’s very meta, LIVE!!! episode this week I was encouraged to finally post about my love of television and food.
It all stems from me telling someone I had to have Italian food on a Wednesday night so I could have an excuse to drink red wine with the crew on Cougartown.

I realized when LOST was on that it was not only the show I looked forward to the most, but it became an event where I’d cook and my fellow LOSTies would come over. We’d eat and drink and hold each other’s hands in case there was a sad Sun/Jin moment. So to me, television watching has become almost as much about the food as about the show itself.
It’s not necessarily about what the tv show puts you in the mood to eat (e.g. pineapple during Hawaii 5-0), but it could also be about food products the show created or featured (e.g. Apollo Bars during Lost) . So back to 30 Rock. Liz Lemon loves food so much that this hangs in her office:
So what better show than this to post my first TV/Food pairing for?
30 Rock fits into the category where you’d have a 30 Rock themed meal. When Dealbreakers began she sang for someone to bring her some ham (Plus, the spokesperson for Jon Hamm’s John Ham has been a frequent and well received guest star). I also faintly remember her walking around with a deli-meat tray at some point in the first season. Ham sandwiches could be a great 30 Rock meal if you were in a hurry. The side of Sabor de Soledad is optional. However, my suggestion for the perfect 30 Rock meal would have to be Cheesy Blasters.
Here's the recipe:
Your final product should look something like this:
Enjoy! Oh, and thanks Meat Cat. Be careful on that skateboard.


  1. In sad news I think I'm now allergic to the sulfites in red wine. In happy news for less than $600 I'm going to make my own "Liz Lemon Half-Eaten lunch".

  2. What is life without red wine like?

  3. Devastating when eating Italian. I'm going to miss my Albariño as well.