Monday, October 25, 2010

Bert's Bar B-Q - Austin, TX, October 21, 2010

The Austin area is well known for its great BBQ.  In fact, it is probably unrivaled for Texas style beef brisket BBQ.  As this several years old Slate article can attest to, here and here.  Not everywhere can be the "best" or pilgrimage worthy however.  That doesn't mean it can't have really good BBQ.  For Austinites who can't go to Lockhart, Taylor, Llano, or Lexington on their lunch breaks there are several in-town options.  Rudy's is probably the best known, but there is also Ruby's (never eaten), Bill Miller (personal and family favorite), Iron Works (never eaten), Stubbs (fortunate to have a concert business to keep them afloat), and Poke-E-Jos (just OK). One of the places that can get lost in the shuffle is Bert's

Bert formerly had a location near the UT campus (that was one block from a fire station) that burned down when 911 told a caller "don't worry about it, the smoke is just the BBQ".  It wasn't.  Luckily for lovers of UT campus traditions they maintain another location on Far West.

I used to be pretty boring with my lunch choice at Bert's.  I stuck to the brisket plate or the brisket sandwich with one side.  What I should have been ordering was a true Bert's tradition, the T-Man.  After ordering it once I never looked back.

Long live the T-Man

The paper tray contains all kinds of BBQ goodness.  First, BBQ beans, then sausage and chunks of sliced brisket all drowned in sauce (I ask for extra sauce).  You get your choice of white or "wheat" bread.  Bert's brisket is very good.  It doesn't have an overwhelming smoky flavor and is fork tender.  The beans are BBQ style with chili powder but it's the right amount, and they don't taste anything like those horrible "ranch style" beans that come in the black labeled can.  The sausage is nothing special, but mixed into the T-Man it is complementary.  The thin sauce is one of my favorites.  I prefer it to Rudy's and Poke-E-Jos.  Like most BBQ restaurants pickles and onions are available at the bar.

The regular T-Man is $6.50 and the large T-Man is $8.50.  It is on special on Tuesdays for $5.99/$7.99.  The T-Man does have several customizable options.  Cheese can be added for $.50.  It can be turned into a Turbo T-Man, a small T-Man and small Frito pie mixed together.

Head to Bert's and give it a try.

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  1. Black-can ranch style beans are awesome! They are the beans of my childhood...when I lived on a ranch. They were breakfast! White bread with ranch style beans. Or flour tortilla with ranch style beans. I've eaten them with eggs. That's just how we roll on the ranch.