Friday, October 22, 2010

Cut It Out

On Gossip Girl, "A Touch of Eva", Serena wore a dress that everyone seemed to love, but was universally hated at my house.

Blair, exasperated at the attention Serena's horrible dress is garnering
What's with the cut outs?  Why is the dress so high waisted?  Are rib cages the new ass?  It's awful.  Once again she's totally outclassed by Blair and no one seems to notice.

Obligatory food:  Vanessa made Dan pancakes because he was sad about his not-son, and his horrible haircut.

XOXO - Jimbo


  1. who loved it? i hated it. but, compared to the random braid in her hair, it was lovely.

  2. If you go to the Google machine and search for "gossip girl serena red dress 'touch of eva'" you will see that Dan wasn't the only one who found the dress to be a smashing success.