Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ribeye at home - September 4, 2010

This was dinner on 9-4-2010:  A half ribeye cooked medium, Eckridge smoked sausage, homemade macaroni and cheese (with the disappointing Hatch chiles), mixed vegetables, grilled zucchini squash, a half baked potato, and some toasted bread. 

This was an excellent and well rounded meal.  The grilled zucchini and the macaroni and cheese were particularly palate pleasing.  Although the macaroni would have been better without the chiles.  The steak might have been cooked a little over medium, but that's because I have a new grill that I'm still getting used to.

That is sour cream AND mayonnaise on the baked potato.  DON'T JUDGE ME!

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