Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sesame Garlic Dressing

I have a serious love for salad dressings. I usually don’t stray from vinaigrettes – save ranch dressing on almost every other food product except for salad and desserts – so I was really surprised when I tried out Sister’s Sesame Garlic Sass All Natural Dressing, Marinade and Sauce

This is actually a vinaigrette dressing (the first two ingredients are canola oil and apple cider vinegar) and is amazing! It has a different texture than a regular vinaigrette – it’s creamy but not as heavy as ranch or bleu cheese – and is a bland looking beige color. I wouldn’t have expected the rich flavor that this dressing delivers. Its ingredients are simple and it is made from “fresh, natural ingredients” right here in Austin, Texas. I love it on salad, on grilled portabella mushrooms and sautéed with green beans. I’m sure it could be used a million different ways. It’s a little pricey, but for the taste I say it's worth it!

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