Monday, January 10, 2011

I Heart Starbuck(s)

As nerdy as I am when it comes to TV, you'd think I'd have been addicted to the updated Battlestar Galactica when it came on the then SciFi channel (now SyFy in case people couldn't handle 5 letters). But I didn't. So at the end of 2010 I finally started and finished it. What can I say? It was really enjoyable, I poured through the 4.5 seasons and cried when appropriate, laughed when Apollo had a random hooker girlfriend and was sad that Helo had a shirt on so much. It won't replace Lost or Arrested Development at the top of my TV list, but I would watch it again and recommend it to my fellow tv nerds.

So, back to the comida part of Comidablog. I am addicted to coffee (yes this seems disjointed but I'm getting there). Everyday I drive past Starbucks to work and get a grande nonfat latte. With my budget, this is not a good idea. With my waistline, again, not a good idea. When I drink the first sip of my morning latte I seriously smile and say out loud (in my office), "Ahhhh, coffee." It is my favorite.

This goes back to Battlestar Galactica because somewhere between the first and second episodes of BSG I developed a huge girl-crush on Kara Thrace, callsign, Starbuck.

Only one is the harbinger of death....and *spoiler alert* it isn't Kara.