Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hilton Anatole Media Grill + Bar - Dallas, TX, July 23, 2010

Sliders.  They look tasty, they look fun, but what arrives is almost always disappointing.  The meat is overcooked, there are probably no condiments on the bread, the cheese is the size of a dime, and the bun is so awful you tear up a little.

After leaving our Lady Gaga drinks at the Victory Tavern we proceeded back to our hotel, the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.  I choose this hotel specifically because they have two bars open until 2AM.  It is a beautiful and huge hotel near downtown Dallas.  How wonderful is it?  I'll let a quote from a random girl about to get on the elevator as I was getting off describe it, "I didn't know this place would be like Gossip Girl!".  I'll take some Blair with a side of Vanessa please.  So, with our ever increasing hunger, and with two bars to choose from we went for the one with the word "grill" in the name.

While the Media Grill + Bar has a full menu during the day and evening, only a bar menu is available after 10PM.  Looking over the eight to ten options on the bar menu I was faced with potentially unsatisfying choices, and of those, sliders were the best option.  I placed the order and took in the atmosphere.  The bar itself was actually really nice.  It is rectangular in shape with plenty of TVs on each side to keep guests entertained.  Due to the late hour the TVs had been turned over to the video DJ.  The videos seemed to be tailored to the tastes of 90s music lovers, which is a good thing.  Having received a large dose of Gaga in the previous three hours the music was like comfort food for the ears.

Our sliders arrived and my first thought was "I paid $14 for three sliders and some fries?"  They were dry, with only buns, meat, and cheese.  I asked for mayo and mustard.  Ten minutes later (seriously) the condiments arrived and I applied them as I do to nearly every sandwich I eat.  After one bite I knew these were the best sliders since Quinn and Rembrandt graced our TVs.  They were juicy and were well seasoned giving them a good meaty flavor.  The fries were excellent, thin, crispy, tasty, and perfect with ketchup.  My date said, "these are the best sliders we've ever had.", and she was right.  We wanted another order, but our empty wallets couldn't justify it.  With time running short and our Gaga meters running low we requested Lady Gaga from the video DJ and were rewarded with some Poker Face.  Right as we were feeling good again with full stomachs and just the right buzz, it was closing time, "Time to slide Q-Ball!"

It was a good night.  I ate the first sliders I've ever enjoyed and did Chuck Bass proud by ending the night with four women in my hotel room, and I wasn't even wearing any purple.

XOXO Jimbo


  1. really? Vanessa on the side? Why not Serena? C'mon!

  2. This post was amazing because I heart Blair. And no man pulls off purple like Chuck Basstard.

  3. You're right, I should have asked for two helpings of Blair.