Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Torcy's Green Chile Queso

Torchy's tacos are known for their creatively named tacos (The Dirty Sanchez [don't google that], Mr. Pink, Trailer Park), high quality ingredients and the great flavor combinations. This however, is not a review of their tacos, but of their delicious Green Chile Queso.

this is a terrible photo.

The queso is filled with green chiles and is topped with a hearty amount of queso fresco, cilantro, quacamole and Torcy's Diablo sauce (a habanero chile sauce which is now being bottled and sold). It is served with freshly made chips that are lightly salted which is great because this queso can have the tendency to be a little salty. It doesn't matter: this queso is delicious and addictive.

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