Thursday, September 16, 2010

XOCO loco

I wanted to add to LILS mention of the wonderful XOCO. Soup + Sandwich. Whoever decided that those two items should be combined - not just next to each other, but one served inside the other - is a genius. Oh wait, that would be Rick Bayless: He whose voice could engage me on an NPR-type radio show about Mexican food filled with enough descriptors that I wouldn't care that I couldn't see the food, He who won the first round of Top Chef: Masters by creating a mole dish that I still dream of trying, and He, the man that I love almost as much as Lils does. I was fortunate enough to visit XOCO in May 2010 on an outing in Chicago with the lovely Lils. I tried Ahogada and it really is everything Lils said it was. But, what I wanted to mention was soft serve ice cream. What?! I go eat at one of the most exciting restaurants in Chicago and want to talk about soft serve?


The ice cream of the day was homemade soft serve ice cream topped with a maple-pecan BACON-streusel with salted caramel sauce.

The combination of the salty and sweet was so delicious that I am about to stuff a piece of bacon in an ice cream sandwich to see if it even compares (it won't...but I'll try it anyways). We kinda went overboard on desserts (seriously, we ordered like 6), but out of all of them the one I'll remember is my first bacon topped ice cream.

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