Monday, April 25, 2011

Fast Food Annoyance

I rarely eat fast food anymore but when I do I have noticed a new trend in drive thru service: the "pull up and we'll take your order out to you" move.

For example, I went to Popeye's chicken not too long ago, ordered my meal, paid, was given my soda and then told to move up. I didn't understand why. There was no one behind me. Then it dawned on me that its because they time how long a car sits at the drive thru window before getting their food. I have a few problems with this.
1) This is not a proper indication of how long you are taking to prepare and serve my food. So, you are lying to your manager.
2) It might be dark and therefore not safe! At the Popeye's I had to pull up next to a DUMPSTER! A stinky dumpster when it was dark outside. Doesn't seem at all safe for your customers or your staff - I could've (but wouldn't)stabbed your employee!
3) How is sending an employee outside of the restaurant make your procedures inside any faster? You are now one man down. That's not going to help speed up the prep on the next order. If you are taking too long, you probably need all hands on deck.

At Popeye's I flat out denied to move. I said: There is no one behind me waiting so I'll wait here thank you very much. The girl said she would get in trouble and I said: then you can have your manager call me. Then I watched carefully to make sure she didn't spit in my food.

Oooh, add number 4 to the list) at the drive thru I can make sure you aren't spitting in my food.


  1. The manager probably told them to do it.

  2. Unofortunately the second row and the pull up and wait ahead seems to be a norm now. Most Whatabugers have the second lane even painted in. Its about money....more orders taken the more cars they stack up and money made. The convenience and efficiency of what the drive thru was for is long gone. Although I have to say McDonalds seems to be the only ones I havent seen do this. But their business model is based on their efficiency as a "fast food" place.

  3. My seester worked at BK forever. They have to meet a speed of service. When they don't a buzzer goes off in the restaurant. It must be annoying. Really, the fast food industry just needs to get over the 3-minute burger, or whatever it is. I am willing to wait longer than that for my food.

  4. Obviously you've never worked in fast food. We get timed, and if we go over a certain time the buzzer goes off again and again. Maybe have some understanding for the people who are preparing your food and try not to make their lives harder, hmm?