Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Princes

This week's Gossip Girl was so...weird. Blair is in a love triangle with 3 men but I don't buy it. Dan - with whom she recently developed a wonderful, smart, chemistry-filled relationship with, Chuck -who pouts, whored her out to his uncle and treated her like poop, and Prince Louis - a blah blah blah guy from France who is so boring you know the only thing about him she likes is that he's a prince. Seriously, this is him:

I don't buy it. I get the Dan/Chuck decision but this Prince addition is terrible. I kinda wish they had instead have Dan find some secret paper that exposed that Rufus was really a king (and not of rock and roll) so that Dan could be the Prince. Of course, Blair would only find this out after she confessed her true love for him (or something equally Disney-esque).

After the episode I noted that this episode and this storyline would be much more exciting if instead of a French Prince, they got the Fresh Prince:

Little J would totally relate. "You're right! Parents just don't understand!

P.S. I'm totally team Dan.


  1. He _traded_ her for a hotel! And as Blair told Dan it's too soon to be mentioned!

  2. You know if it was really Fresh Prince, Raina would be all: He's mine even though I am the boring equivalent of the French guy.

  3. Um, she signed herself up to be traded before she knew that he traded her. #HerFaultToo

  4. it still doesn't make it ok!