Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Secrets are Better Left Unsaid - Grocery Find Review

A few months ago HEB had $1.00 off coupons for Duke's mayonnaise.  This made it considerably cheaper than the staple a my house, Hellmann's.  I had read about Duke's before, and the article/webpage/message board (found it) seemed to indicate Duke's was absolutely the best mayo available.  It actually sounded like a regional type brand at the time, and I imagined it as some kind of deep south product not available to the rest of the country.  In fact they claim that Duke's is, "The Secret of Great Southern Cooks".

I grabbed the coupon and bought it.  It was much creamier than Hellmann's which tends to have a clumpier consistency, but flavor-wise it just didn't hit the mark.  It seemed to lack that egg yolk bite that Hellmann's has.  It was probably better than the current Kraft mayo (the Kraft mayo of the 80s was wonderful).  It turned out to be almost a chore to finish it when thinking about how much better the food would be with Hellmann's.

Duke's, not a "Best Food"

Pass up the Duke's even if there is a coupon and go for the Hellmann's.  Then come back here and send the $1 you would have saved to Comida Blog, or you can just thank me in the comments.

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