Thursday, March 31, 2011

Patiently waiting for April

The next new Gossip Girl won't be on until April 18.  What am I supposed to watch until then?  I'll have to quickly recap the last episode before they took their break.

Chuck auditioned to be the next Doctor Who.

"Maybe you'd feel differently if we could discuss this in the TARDIS."

Ben looked sad while talking to Serena.

"I'm a hardened criminal, but you make me teary-eyed.  Go buy pizza."
Rufus wore skinny jeans and tight rolled them.

"I'm a cool 90s dad."

and Vanessa let everyone know she spent her time away from the UES buying jewelery in New Mexico.

"Have you ever been to New Mexico?"

"I also brought back an 'I heart NM' shirt for you.  It matches the one I'm wearing under this coat."

XOXO Jimbo


  1. i just want to know where ben got all his fancy clothes since he JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL!!!!

  2. He must have gotten some hand-me-downs from Rufus. Also I wondered how he took Serena to breakfast two episodes after he got out of jail and had no job to speak of.