Monday, March 21, 2011

CNN Grill - Part 1

Prior to this past week I had never attended anything at SXSW.  However one day last week I was wandering around downtown Austin with my girlfriend in a haze of Coors Light and Lone Star when we stumbled on the CNN SXSW Grill in place of Max's Wine Dive.  We were pretty impressed.  The building had a large, rotating, and seemingly permanent sign.  I thought Austin had really arrived when major news organizations are opening up restaurants in the middle of downtown.  Max's had a good run, but you can't stop the Nancy Grace, you can only hope to contain her (incidentally Nancy is now another person who insists on dressing like Han Solo).

Not really wanting to brave the crowds who were surely inside taking pictures with Bernard Shaw and Wolf Blitzer cardboard cutouts, we headed across the street to a soft drink sponsored party zone knowing we would be back to the CNN Grill on another day.

To be continued.

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