Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bacon...sometimes better in theory

I love Bacon I really do. So much that I even capitalize it as any proper noun should be. I will try any bacon concoction whether it sweet, savory, or just strange. I think you have to with any food never know when you will find a gem. On a recent trip I found myself on a 1 hour layover at O'Hare National Airport. Close to my gate was a a Vosges Chocolat store. I love them because the chocoalte is good but they also make a variety of bacon treats. My personal favorite is Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar . The Bacon in it is a perfect compliment. You get the sweetness of the chocolate and then as it melts away in your mouth the saltiness and crisp of the bacon come through. Really a great little sweeet and savory treat. Its very hard to find them in San Antonio for me so I was delighted to see the store. I decided to try Bacon Caramel Toffee, as it combined some of my favorite sweets and Bacon. Now I tend to get a little too excited when anything has Bacon in it, and find myself disappointed. This is one of those times where the theory is better than the realization. To summarize it was like a Heath bar but better quality chocolate. As you can see in the picture you can see the Bacon but the toffee is just too overwhelming that unless it is a big piece of Bacon you dont really taste it. The Bacon is more of a whisper at the end of each bite. I think maybe bigger Bacon pieces mixed with the toffee but I am sure that didnt work....they go for subtlety with the bacon. If you plan to try any Vosges Bacon products I say stick with Mo's Bacon Bar....its delicious! This caramel toffee was like when I tried chicken fried Bacon...better in theory. They was no crisp or richness of the Bacon that it just looked sad in the pile of batter and oil. There are so many other good combinations I have had this just didnt work.


  1. I really really really love toffee.

  2. they should've also sprinkled it with real bacon bits on top. i would love a toffee, bacon, and dark choc bar.