Monday, March 28, 2011

I'll have the regular - Normal lunch at home, chicken sandwich

As Lils pointed out in her post about lunch, eating lunch out everyday can be expensive, bad for your calorie count, and bad for your career if you have an "asshole boss".  This is sage advice no matter where you live.  Despite the glamorous blogging lifestyle most of my lunches are chicken sandwiches made at home.

The ingredients are simple:  HEB whole wheat bread, mayo, mustard, cheese (normally Monterrey Jack or cheddar), Boar's EverRoast chicken, lettuce, tomato (normally Roma), and avacado.  Most of the time this is eaten with "blue" Chee-tos (puffs) and water.

The sandwich is simple, and tasty enough for me to normally eat it two to three times a week.


  1. That's one good looking sandwich, Jimbo. Me gusta avocado.

  2. I'm trying to have more avocado in my foods. Adding them to sandwiches in a easy way. It does wonders for my sandwich enjoyment.