Friday, March 25, 2011

Cherry Creek Catfish - Lenten (and year round) favorites

It was a Friday during Lent and I was craving crunchy fried fish.  I've never been able to quite find a fried catfish that I really like in Austin, but Cherry Creek Catfish does a decent job so we took a trip South to satisfy my crunchy catfish craving.  Honestly the best thing on their menu is their chicken fried chicken which sadly was not going to be an option this Friday night.

I ordered the Regular Catfish Dinner:  Five catfish fillets, French fries, cole slaw, beans, and hushpuppies.  Because of a mix-up when my order first came out I ended up with six pieces of catfish.

Regular catfish dinner (French fries not pictured)

This was the best catfish I've had from Cherry Creek.  The pieces were large, and the coating was very light, crunchy, and not greasy at all.  My previous complaint about the catfish was that it was always heavy and greasy so this was a welcome change.  Also for the first time the beans had flavor and did not seem like an afterthought.  It was a very satisfying meal and they have proved to me that they are the place to go for fried catfish in Austin.

One note, sides of tarter sauce are apparently very expensive.


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