Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BBQ chicken at home

I enjoy watching America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.  They tend to make meals that are appealing and the recipes are very easy to follow as they've done a lot of testing (in the Test Kitchen) to make sure the food turns out great.  This was a pretty simple recipe, but I had been scared of doing chicken on my grill so they gave me the confidence to give it a try without fear of overcooking it.  This is the Cook's Country "Classic BBQ Chicken on a Gas Grill" recipe.  You have to have an account to view it (lame, I know), but I don't think you have to pay for it.

everything on the grill
I didn't make my own BBQ sauce like they do in the recipe, I used their store bought substitute, Bullseye and it was good.  I bought one bone-in breast and leg quarter from Sun Harvest, and paired it with some grilled yellow squash and zucchini.

finished product

I think it turned out very good (this is the second try, I was more liberal with the seasonings this time).  One concern is getting a good amount of flavor from the breast.  I don't want to slice into the meat to put rub in it for fear of it drying out, but the meat at the thickest part ends up tasting very plain.  I guess that is what sauce is for then?  Any suggestions on how to add more flavor to the breast meat?

Recipe from Cook's Country, "Classic BBQ Chicken on a Gas Grill".  Be sure to rub the seasonings over and under the skin for the best flavor.

Squash and zucchini prepared with olive oil, kosher salt, and McCormick brand Hot Shot pepper blend.

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