Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random - Candy!

So I stopped at the local store post work out to pick up a protein shake and found one of my favorite candies. I have to say there are many like them...Sour Straws, Sour tapes, etc. I cant even give a brand name but they are usually packaged very generically in a sandwich bag in groups of five or six. You can see from the picture they just look like a bag of drugs....not that I would know. They usually sit by the register in a clear tupperware like container that has no label. Ok enough of that they are the best of their kind. Not too tart and they dont stick to your teeth the way sour punch straws do. They are a little addicting I can never eat just one. I'm aware I havent posted in a while but I really thought I'd mention these since usually I'm pretty loyal to my proteins.


  1. The fact that they are packaged in plain sandwich bags makes me want them more.