Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Can Show You My Cheesy Biscuit

Not a cheesy biscuit

My wife and I love a big breakfast on the weekends (see homemade biscuit sandwich above).  We frequently make many incredible meals including over easy eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, sausage, bacon, avocado, cheese, biscuits, and/or pancakes (not necessarily all at once).  After realizing that the biscuits at Cafe Java were so good because they split them and toasted them on the griddle with a little butter we began doing the same thing, and it made our biscuits even better.

A couple of months ago I was feeling just a little too healthy and decided to experiment with a biscuit, some cheese, and our comal.  What resulted was the creation of the cheesy biscuit.

The comal was already hot after toasting the biscuits, so I added some shredded cheese.

Then I placed the biscuit half on top of the cheese.

After letting the cheese melt a bit I used a spatula to push the cheese closer to the biscuit.

Then I used the spatula to scrape it off the comal and onto my plate.

A cheesy biscuit with some hardened "baked" cheese.  Ready for bacon and eggs.

This whole process doesn't take any longer than 90 seconds, and the result was delicious.  This was probably my best idea since starting this blog.  Here's a view of a cheesy biscuit from a different day with less of the hard cheese on it.

This is very easy to make at home.  We use the Alton Brown Southern Biscuit recipe.  The cheese we use is a combination of HEB Mild Longhorn cheddar and HEB Monterey Jack (both mentioned before right here in comidablog!).  We buy the blocks and shred it ourselves, not that pre-shredded stuff!

Give this a try and let me know how it goes for you in the comments.

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  1. I am more impressed that you guys make your own biscuits. Also, cheese on anything is delicious.