Friday, August 5, 2011

Bean Wars

I hit a nerve with my Bert's BBQ post.  Fellow Comidablogger Lils took exception to my description of ranch style beans in the black can as "horrible".  I just never enjoyed the heavy chili powder taste that is apparently popular on the ranch.
The formerly "Husband Pleasin'" beans used to be made in Fort Worth in a factory off of I-30.  I remember passing by it on the way to Texas Rangers games and thinking of the culinary horrors that must take place there.
Gebhardt chili powder not pictured
I'll admit that I did not grow up with giant pots of fresh beans on the stove every week.  My mom apparently had a low opinion of her own home made beans so we ate Gold Tip brand pinto beans from a can.  Later, when Gold Tip was no longer available (went out of business?), we switched to Bush's Best pinto beans.  This today remains the standard for a quick preparation of beans at my house.  They aren't as good as homemade but are very good when pressed for time.

Here is a quick recipe if you just aren't up to making a pot of beans or maybe don't know how, but would like some beans with your meal.

One can of Bush's Best pinto beans (I drain at least half of the water, my wife doesn't drain any), 1/4 cup chopped onions, 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/4 cup chopped cilantro:

Heat beans as directed, add onions and garlic powder.  Mix the onions and powder in, and let the beans simmer at medium (they might boil, that's ok).  After about five minutes add the cilantro.  If you want "refried" style beans use a potato masher and mash them up.

Occasionally for breakfast we will add the bacon grease to the beans, but this is rare.  They taste good without the bacon.  I'm not saying these will win in a contest against abuela's beans, but they are an excellent quick fix.


  1. beans truly are the magical fruit.

  2. Do you remember when that was the actual advertising campaign for beans?

  3. Very similar to how we eat them. My wife is particularly fond of nice hot pinto beans topped with fresh made pico de gallo, which she mixes in as she goes. About the same ingredients as you list above. Muy sabroso!

  4. Select and compare different beans to see which one is more tasty and nutritious.